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JET Warehouse & Logistic

Do you urgently need storage space or would you like to stock merchandising material temporarily? With JET Warehouse & Logistics you have just the right partner in storage logistics. We provide our clients with a high quality fulfilment programme. As a logistics agency we ensure everything runs smoothly when storing and providing all your promotional materials.
After goods have been unloaded and received, including quality and quantity inspection, they are then warehoused and catalogued with photos. With JET Warehouse & Logistics you deal with one contact. As a logistics agency, this is how we ensure direct and efficient communication.
We take care of all the handling for you plus bookings and warehousing. We take account of individual requests and client agreements such as budget instructions or POD forecasts. With us as your logistics agency, you get everything from a single source.
  • Handling all your logistical requirements thanks to our 360-Degree service

  • No hidden costs

  • Transparent cost processing

  • Experienced team with extensive expertise on site

  • Delivery by external service provider

  • Direct communication

  • Overview of all logistics services via web-based systems

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To the point at point of sale

Warehousing, disposition, automated order processing via our online store and order picking are among our team’s fulfilment services. Our portfolio also includes packing and timely shipping of advertising materials and promotional items.

As a special service in warehouse logistics we offer our clients two web-based systems – an online store and a merchandise management system. The latter is a tool that is perfectly coordinated with our individual corporate requirements. As a logistics agency, we thus provide our clients with the required transparency via our logistics procedures.

360-Degree service with JET Warehouse & Logistics

Our client-specific online store provides product information and product photos to activate orders online. The tool enables the products to be subdivided into various categories and overview pages. The online store includes a shopping basket and order feature.

JET Warehouse & Logistics is available to provide you with advice on the logistical planning of every part of your ad campaign.