Be part of the JET future

We are looking for committed and motivated promoters in permanent employment.
And these are your advantages at JET Services:
  • Contractually guaranteed income
  • Paid leave
  • Legal protection against dismissal after the probationary period
  • Tax payment by the employer
  • Receipt of a proper payroll statement
  • Insurance by the employer in the event of accidents on the way to the place of work
  • Integration into work organisation
  • Further development of skills and knowledge through training courses

Promotion Agentur JET Services Vorteile bei uns

Who are we anyway?

A project never ends. In the interests of our customers, we must always think about what we can improve, is our corporate philosophy.

JET Services is still one of the few owner-managed agencies in Germany today. We are not only active in Germany, but also in the neighbouring countries of Switzerland and Austria as well as in 5 other European countries. We specialise in the retail and specialist trade markets and operate throughout Europe. Managing director and owner is Erik Wesser.

For you, absolutely legally secure

With JET Services you have an employer at your side who offers you absolute legal security.

When you work for us as a promoter, there is always a contractual commitment to our company. Thus you profit from the numerous advantages of an employee.

And what does that mean for you in detail? It starts with your income. As a promoter at JET Services, you don’t have to worry about how much you earn each month or when the money will finally be in your account. JET Services offers you a contractually guaranteed income. This gives you planning security through a regular income.

You’re not 100% convinced yet?

No problem, there are more advantages waiting for you.

No problem, there are more advantages waiting for you.
For example, like any other JET Services employee, you are entitled to a paid holiday. Of course you are insured by us as an employer on your way to your place of work.

In addition, there are further advantages such as receiving a proper payroll accounting as well as the elimination of the monthly accounting expenses. As an employer, we will also pay the tax

Climbing the career ladder as a promoter

Starting as a promoter is only the first step on the career ladder at JET Services. Thanks to flat hierarchies and potential-promoting thinking, we offer you various career opportunities. We don’t just talk about promotion opportunities, we also implement them. An example: Our B2C Director Gökhan Kandiral started his career at JET Services as a promoter.

It is important to us that you also feel comfortable internally: That’s why we regularly host Get Togethers and team events. Highlights of the year are our summer party and Christmas party. That’s why the fluctuation at JET Services is lower than at other companies and the loyalty is higher.

Of course, you should also develop professionally. In order for you to deepen your specialist knowledge, we regularly offer training courses and further education. These are conducted by our experienced in-house trainers.

These are our expectations

Now that we’ve convinced you, it’s up to you. As a promoter you should have the following qualities:

  • Fun to sell
  • Pleasure in interacting with people
  • Strong communication skills
  • Affinity to IT and consumer electronics
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility