The promotion agency for your success

With us at your side, we not only give your products a face but also ensure long-term customer loyalty at the same time.

We make most purchasing decisions unconsciously. Whether your product makes it into your customers’ shopping trolleys depends on your brand’s strength and performance. As such, JET Services is available as exactly the right contact for you as a promotion agency. With us you can increase your sales effectively and in the long term.
As a promotion agency, we market your products to your specific target groups and present them proficiently. JET Services ensures ideal sales promotion by means of promotion programmes individually tailored to your brands.

Promotion Days in 2020

Even higher quality

This is because we rely on permanent staff to provide our services. To find out the numerous advantages that result from this and how you can ultimately benefit as a client, read here.

Full Service Agentur JET Services

Promotion agency with 360-Degree service

JET Services has been active as a promotion agency for renowned clients in German-speaking countries for almost 25 years. So we know what we are talking about. In addition to our many years of experience, our 360-Degree service is a distinguishing feature of our promotion agency. It is what makes JET Services unique.

With this full service, you always have a dedicated contact available to you as our client. In addition, you can select the right one for you from all ten different services. It is this special 360-Degree service that makes us unique as a promotion agency.

  • Comprehensive customer care

  • Many years of experience

  • Promoters to fit your specific requirements

  • Your own company staff database

years of experience

Measurable achievements with us as a promotion agency

But how will you know whether the promoters were actually there in the market? We guarantee this as a promotion agency by means of our reporting system. As a client, you will always have an overview of the promoters deployed. With us as your promotion agency, you receive the service you have paid for.

With our regional relationship management, we respond flexibly to market changes and take account of regional market differences. Thus, as a promotion agency, we create closer bonds and an improved relationship between promoters and markets.

Even when we have completed a promotion, our comprehensive service is not over yet. We carry on when others have already stopped. As a promotion agency with an internal reporting department, we consolidate all the data we receive from a campaign. Whether it’s client feedback or sales figures, we provide you with complete transparency in relation to all the relevant KPIs.

  • Centralised, decentralised and online-based product trainings

  • Sales-oriented educational and training programmes

  • Direct access for all contacts

Our focus on the following segments:

With us as your promotion agency, you can rely on a partner who has stood for quality and sales results due to professional promotions since 1993!

Always the appropriate promoters

The success of a promotion is down to performance at point of sale. When selecting promoters, we always make sure they fit perfectly with the sales or sampling promotion in each case. How do we manage this?

We have a pool of experienced and qualified promoters. But what makes us stand out from the crowd is that we work mainly with permanent, full-time promoters. With us as your partner, this means you have absolute legal certainty as a client.

Not only legal certainty but even faster implementation of your projects is feasible. We do not have to recruit promoters from scratch but can rely on a pool of full-time staff.

  • Staff-supported promotions and sales promotion campaigns

  • Regular education and training of promoters

  • Effective staff management

Promotion agency with years of expertise

Our employees are also distinguished by their friendly manner and professional conduct. JET Services provides its full-time promoters with in-depth and extensive sales, product and motivational training. This is how we promote and optimise more targeted techniques when it comes to customer service and sales at POS, so you ultimately benefit from them as a client.

With our effective campaigns, we increase not only awareness of your brand. With us as your promotion agency, we generate purchasing incentives. Our highly qualified promoters and sales staff make sure of this.

In a joint analysis, we can opt to take measures that will improve your results even further. As our client you have access to reporting both in the form of general surveys as well as at detailed and store level.

  • Stringent execution of promotions

  • Transparent documentation and billing

  • Comprehensive reporting and analytical tools