Intelligent printing with PaperCut

Do you want more cost-effective printing? Do you value ecological sustainability? Would you like to use a simple and intuitive system? Then you don’t need to search any further. With PaperCut you as an end customer have found the optimal solution.

PaperCut is one of the most powerful print management solutions in the world. In the future, you will be able to easily manage a large number of printers and multifunction devices without any great effort. Control scanning, copying and faxing as well as printing – all possible with PaperCut. But how do you also benefit as an end customer?

1. Complete traceability
With PaperCut you see at first glance: Who prints what and when. In addition, you have a comprehensive document archive at your disposal or you can quickly access one of the 80 ready-made reports.

2. Intelligent Printing Behavior
Quickly create intelligent rules to enforce meaningful print policies or restrict user behavior. Access pre-built filters to fix simple problems such as double-sided printing or job removal.

3. Printing on mobile devices
Manage printing on devices and platforms with a range of tools. Print easily with Mobility Print, Web Print, E Mail-to-Print, Google Cloud Print and IOS Printing. Of course, visitors can also print from mobile devices.

4. High security
Use the convenient “Find-Me-Print” function. First print in a global virtual queue and only release when you are directly at the device. Never before has printing been so easy and secure at the same time. In addition, you can secure your devices with user authentication such as touch screen or card reader on the MFD.

5. Allocate budgets
Create dedicated print quotas. You can assign these to users, departments, and customers, for example. This gives you a better overview of costs incurred and better control. In addition, you can track emerging costs by user or department. A highlight of PaperCut is the implementation of pay-per-use models to cover printing costs.

6. User programs
Promote environmental thinking by sharing environmental impacts with users. With the Environmental Dashboard, you can influence behavior. Keep printing costs and rules visible to users with the desktop client tool.

7. Easy installation
Simple and flexible setup with automatic synchronization of user and group information from a source such as Windows Active Directory. With a single license, you’re protected for all operating systems with unlimited servers. Host locally on your own print server, in multiple locations, or in environments without a print server. Or maybe you need a more flexible combination of all three..

Users worldwide
Paper sheets saved
Trees saved/Trees rescued

How JET Services helps

We are particularly distinguished by our 360-degree service. As a customer, you can expect exactly this service at any time. You do not only have a direct contact person at your disposal. Tailor-made services are selected to suit your requirements. Further advantages of your partnership with JET Services as reseller for PaperCut are:

  • Consulting: As a “PaperCut Certified Solutions Center”, JET Services provides you with the best support for deploying your printer management solutions.
  • Training: Tailor-made and individual training concepts for users and administrators
  • Sales support: Support of your sales team and development of new markets
  • Card reader assignment: support and advice in the correct selection of your systems for end customers
  • Hardware: Cheap and uncomplicated purchase of card readers directly via JET Services
  • Installation: Installation of the system at your customer’s site