Sampling promotion

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating” is a well-known saying. This applies especially to launching new products. Many customers often like to have a free sample. If you wish to conduct an effective sampling promotion, JET Services is the right contact available for you.

Rely on JET promotion – we promote your product persuasively

The reasons for any sampling promotion are obvious: direct customer contact, a high number of contacts and a lasting brand experience. As a promotions agency, we cover the complete procedure for our clients – planning, concept development, execution and reporting.

An effective sampling promotion depends on various factors. Is the location the best one? Has the right target been selected? Are the activities properly targeted? In consultation with our clients we create an individual concept that takes these and other factors into consideration.

When executing your campaign, our trained and highly qualified promoters are deployed. Thanks to our extensive in-house database, we can select the best possible staff for each campaign.

After the event, you will receive a detailed report from us on the sampling promotion we have just completed. We attach great importance to transparency and offer our clients an insight into all the procedures of the promotion.