Content distribution and supervision

You may already have ideas for content and have even written some high quality product copy. But what you’re missing is the opportunity to place this content on relevant e-commerce platforms. At this particular juncture, you can rely on the expertise of JET Services.

We can produce strategies and concepts for you as your merchandise reaches the appropriate online stores. As such, we distinguish between basic and what we refer to as rich content. The latter includes advertising copy, lifestyle and hero shots as well as videos. Basic content comprises headlines, key points, product information and technical specifications. As your partner we take responsibility for pure content distribution – automated or manual.

Our service does not only include the sales and marketing of content but also the supervision and monitoring process. We’ll check for you whether the content appears correctly, optimised and on time.

Perhaps you would like to release unreleased products live on a specific date? This particular service is part of our portfolio in content distribution. We make sure the right content goes live for the product launch and is presented perfectly.