Smarter, greener and more economical printing with PaperCut

Do you want to noticeably reduce your print output? Are you looking for an easy-to-use printing system with high security standards? Then PaperCut is exactly the right partner for you.

PaperCut includes an affordable, cross-platform software solution for managing your printers, copiers and multifunction devices. The software is used in more than 50,000 installations and in 20 languages. Reduce your paper waste in the long term through transparent use and increase responsible printing by assigning users and departments. Further advantages of PaperCut are:

  • Suitable for companies of any size as platform and manufacturer independent
  • Support of common operating systems
  • Easy and flexible installation
  • User Directory Integration
  • “Secure Print Relase”-function
  • „Find-Me-Printing“-application
  • Admin interface with real-time information
  • Print job archive
  • Settlement to cost centers / projects

Simple web-based access

Thanks to browser-based “out of the box” management, employees can access user and device management at any time and from anywhere. A major advantage of PaperCut is that there is no need to install additional software or web server configuration. In addition, the dashboard provides a clear and informative overview of the printer environment.

In an easy-to-use environment, PaperCut provides more than 80 different one-click reports for online viewing, printing or exporting. Administrators can create ad-hoc reports with special filter conditions. Further advantages of PaperCut are:

  • Forward large jobs to selected high-volume printers
  • Warn against unnecessary email printouts with pop-ups
  • Convert print jobs to black & white and duplex
  • Disable color printing for individual user groups
  • Reduce printing costs (cheaper devices are suggested by the system)
  • Allow free printing during a defined period of time (e.g. lessons)

With the “Find-Me-Print” option, creating a global virtual queue is child’s play. This means for you that print jobs are only output when the user officially releases the print job at the MFP / printer. Thus PaperCut guarantees a clearly improved document security as well as higher comfort.

Another advantage of the “Find-Me-Print” solution is the noticeably reduced time expenditure. In the future, there will be no need to manage different printer drivers. PaperCut even goes one step further. The “Find-Me-Print” function reduces the environmental impact in the long term and reduces the print volume by an average of 20%.

Even more secure device access with PaperCut

With PaperCut you can significantly increase the functionality of your multifunction devices. Like user authentication. The login is usually done with a user name and password. In other companies, authorization is via RFID card.

With PaperCut, future users can assign their card to themselves the first time they log in, for example magnetic stripes, transponders (HID, Mifare and Legic) and barcodes. In addition to card types, PaperCut supports many brands of USB card readers (RFIDeas, Elatec and OmniKey) as well as standard USB and network cards from leading vendors. If you need technical support, advice or on-site service: We are here to help.

Mobile printing from any device

Print conveniently and easily from any mobile device. Not possible, you think? No problem with PaperCut. With our new Mobility Print, users can quickly print to any printer without needing any assistance. Regardless of operating system, location, file format or printer manufacturer.

In addition to mobile printing, PaperCut allows administrators to determine the origin of each document. In combination with comprehensive reporting and tracking capabilities, administrators have access to extensive auditing and controlling functions. Add a unique digital signature with the watermark and take document security to a new level.

You can use PaperCut in 2 different ways. On the one hand as reseller and on the other hand as end customer. Read for yourself what other advantages PaperCut brings you.