The sales and marketing agency for the best possible sales results

If you’re aiming to score above average, you’ve come to the right address. With us as your sales and marketing agency, you can rely on a long-term partner who will share in achieving your sales objectives.

While others just talk, we act. In an increasingly competitive market with growing customer needs and considerable competition, you need an absolute top expert at your side. Congratulations, you’ve found us as your sales and marketing agency.

In the long term, effectively and always with one objective in mind – we demonstrably increase your sell-through. This is ensured by our experienced sales and marketing people who win over markets with their courage, passion and technical expertise when it comes to your products and terms of trade.


Even higher quality

This is because we rely on permanent staff to provide our services. To find out the numerous advantages that result from this and how you can ultimately benefit as a client, read here.

Sales and marketing agency for German speaking Europe

But what really distinguishes us as a sales and marketing agency? Certainly our many years of experience as a sales force. We have been experts in the field of on-site leasing for more than ten years. In 2016, we conducted more than 50,000 sales calls as a sales and marketing agency. Our customer sales team is growing continuously. We now have 20 sales teams working throughout Europe’s German speaking region.

As a sales and marketing agency, we use our in-house recruiting department for this. We can put together a tailor-made team for you in virtually no time at all. As such, we rely on the recommendations of our sales force staff, the extensive prospect network of our recruiters and resort to talented JET Services home-grown talent.

  • Extensive expertise in relation to retail stores and specialist dealers

  • Many years of experience in sales force activities

  • Sell-in of existing and new merchandise

  • Planning and implementation of sell-through activities

  • Selection of sales and marketing staff based on client specifications

Full Service Agentur JET Services

Use our 360-Degree service

At JET Services we believe open and transparent communication is very important – internally as well as with our clients. What does this mean for you? As a sales and marketing agency, we gather relevant feedback and issues, consolidate them and forward them to you. The special thing about us is that you always have a dedicated contact to deal with.

But that’s certainly not all. Perhaps you also need a supporting marketing campaign. Or a solution to your logistics problem in the short term. We can support you as your sales and marketing agency in the process.

We provide all the flanking measures in relation to your sales force. Whether merchandising, rack jobbing, training or our service centre for warehousing and logistics: you can use and benefit from our 360-Degree service.

  • Sales and marketing agency with 360-Degree service

  • Implementation of marketing measures

  • Regular support at outlets

  • Ongoing staff training


Customised reporting

We are a sales and marketing agency with our own reporting department. Using a reporting app, all the relevant information from a store visit such as merchandise presentation or sales is recorded. The data gathered are consolidated and forwarded to our reporting department. Whether it’s sell-through, inventory or MDF data – with us you’ll regularly receive a clear overview of your current achievement of objectives.

But we don’t just increase your sales at your bricks-and-mortar stores. We are a sales and marketing agency with an offline as well as online strategy. In the etail marketing sector you can also have confidence in our extensive expertise. We can increase not only your click rate or generate more views for your product page. With us you’ll effectively increase your brand awareness as well as your sales.

  • Continuous and detailed reporting

  • Online ad-hoc reporting via our in-house tool

  • MDF handling by our finance team

Two business models

To complete our sales force package we have two different business models – the exclusive and the shared model. As a sales and marketing agency we believe flexibility is of the utmost importance, which you as a client will benefit from. Which model you choose depends on your individual business parameters, such as your brand positioning or budgeting. Depending on your business development, all these models are easily scalable at a later date.

With us as your sales and marketing agency, you can rely on a partner who has stood for exceptionally high quality since 1993. Respected companies in various industries are already benefiting from our professional sales teams. Why not join us in achieving your sales force and marketing goals.

  • Scalable sales and marketing models

  • Ad-hoc data gathering during store visits

  • Planning and implementation of etail projects