Even higher quality

Because we rely on permanent, full-time employees, who carry out our services. What numerous advantages result from them and how you can ultimately benefit from them as a client, read here.

For more than two decades, we have been one of the most successful agencies in promotion, merchandising, rack jobbing and other segments. Countless promotions for various clients as well as a whole number of store checks are part of our programme every year. What is always the focus of attention is to protect the interests and needs of our clients.

  • Absolute legal certainty
  • Improved quality
  • Faster implementation of projects
  • Committed and more persuasive staff
  • Even better trained staff due to more intensive and advanced training programmes

Absolute legal certainty for our clients

What does this change in the law mean for you as a client?

On the one hand, legal certainty, while on the other hand significantly improving quality again in collaboration with JET Services.

We guarantee absolute legal certainty for you. How? By working predominantly with permanent full-time staff. This aspect of absolute legal certainty is the top priority for us.

Noticeably higher quality

By working with full-time staff, we have the opportunity to respond more quickly to your needs. As such, we can conduct your promotions in even more targeted, efficient and extensive ways. Because with us there is no cumbersome checking process as to whether staff members are available at particular times.

We can rely on a broad pool of full-time staff and decide at short notice which staff members are available who have the best training for the job. This is how you benefit as a client from faster implementation.

Even better trained staff

The crucial advantage for you as a client, however, is the noticeable and effective increase in quality. By employing full-time staff, we reinforce their loyalty to JET Services. We enable even more intensive and subject-specific training and advanced training for our staff. This is of course conducted by our in-house trainers, who have years of experience and a wealth of expertise. This is how our staff members know exactly how they can increase sales of your products in the best possible way.

Absolute legal certainty, faster implementation and higher quality – as our client you will benefit from them effectively and in the long term.