Professional shelf care with JET rack jobbing


JET Rack Jobbing

The visibility and availability of your goods and the provision of sales-promoting materials at point of sale is what successful sales are all about. In the case of fast moving goods especially or in high traffic stores there is a risk of out of stock situations. You can counteract these with professional shelf management, which is what you get with JET Rack Jobbing.
Our team at JET Rack Jobbing plans and organises the use of experienced and well trained rack jobbers. You always have one contact to deal with. This means our clients have direct communication at all levels and we guarantee efficient project execution.
  • Customised planograms / professional shelf stacking

  • National rack jobber team

  • Efficient shelf optimisation and shelf management

  • Acceptance of follow-up orders and handling of returns

  • Quality assurance with visits

  • Optimised integration of rack jobbing with the sales force

  • Detailed reporting

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Individual planograms for clients

At JET Rack Jobbing you get everything from one source. We offer you a full range of services, so you find the perfect presentation of goods at point of sale. We don’t just stack shelves at POS but do preparatory work too. Our clients receive customised planograms for the best possible solution.

A particular service of JET Rack Jobbing for our clients is the complete handling of logistical needs through JET Warehouse & Logistics. We enable the storage and temporary storage of goods, packing as well as picking and package delivery.

Practised and clear processes with JET Rack Jobbing

The core task of shelf management is to restock the relevant shelves with sufficient products. We ensure optimum shelf management by updating the planograms constantly. Our rack jobbing includes arranging products clearly and differentiating them from competitor products.

Another shelf management service of JET Rack Jobbing is the use of back cards to protect the hook surface. Plus, our employees conduct regular price checks, thus ensuring compliance with EIAs.

Take advantage of our many years of experience for the best in brand and product presentation. We have the system, the staff and tried and trusted, clear procedures.