Long-term success with Amazon Advertising (AMS)

Do you already use AMS campaigns on Amazon? If not, you should change it as soon as possible. If yes, but without success, then you are exactly at the right place with us as Amazon agency for AMS.

We create an individual AMS campaign concept according to your wishes. Always in view: the budget and the available products. We plan your campaigns and also take over the entire publishing of the AMS campaigns. Our service is rounded off with the preparation of a comprehensive report. If you finally want to increase the sales of your products with Amazon Advertising, then we will gladly support you with the implementation:

You can run banner advertising in relevant product categories through the Amazon Media Group (AMG). With our complete carefree package you can sit back and leave us to take charge as your Amazon experts.

We will create customised and well thought out concepts for you. With our expertise we create the appropriate banner campaign. In addition to the concept and execution our portfolio also includes extensive reporting and monitoring. This means you have full transparency and a detailed overview of the campaign.

  • First analysis of the products
  • Definition of individual campaign goals
  • Creation of an individual AMS Campaign Set Up
  • Preparation of a comprehensive keyword set
  • Implementation of all planned AMS campaigns
  • Daily optimization of campaigns
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Transparent and joint cooperation
Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Low ACoS or many impressions?

As an agency for Amazon Marketing, we attach great importance to transparency and open communication right from the start of our cooperation. We do not want to build castles in the air for you, but to achieve realistic goals with the AMS campaigns. Because the foundation of a successful campaign is the common definition of goals such as:

  • Increase the visibility of a product
  • Boost traffic to product detail pages
  • Improvement of click rates
  • Increase sales
  • Raising brand awareness
  • Generation of impressions

Implementation of all 3 AMS campaign types

The products are selected. The goals defined. Now it’s time to get down to business. At this point you can sit back and relax and we as Amazon AMS professionals will take over. Whether Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products or Product Display Ad – we create an AMS Set Up that fits your needs.¬† As Amazon Agency we take over the complete process up to the live launch of your campaigns for you.

Daily monitoring of campaigns

For many agencies the work is done with the live connection of the AMS campaigns. But we see it differently. To get the most out of your Amazon campaigns you need a daily optimization of keywords and click bids. Exactly this attention to detail distinguishes us as an Amazon agency. After completion of all campaigns, you will of course receive a comprehensive reporting.