Amazon content optimization for more success

In order to have maximum success on Amazon, the best possible staging of your brands and products is necessary. For this you need optimally prepared content – textually as well as multimedialy. With us as Amazon Agency you have exactly the right and competent partner for it.

To differentiate yourself from the competition on Amazon, numerous factors are decisive. These include content such as product headings, product descriptions and product features. Benefit from our expertise and experience in Amazon Content Optimization in the future. We get the most out of your products with our target-group-oriented and dedicated texts.

  • Creation of individual textual content
  • Amazon SEO optimization of all texts
  • No copy & paste to avoid duplicate content
  • Writing emotional and appealing texts
  • Target group-oriented approach
  • Product-specific content instead of off-the-shelf marketing texts
Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Content is still king

Why do we, as Amazon Agency, attach so much importance to appealing and emotional texts? Because we want to bring your products to life. Customers cannot touch or pick up products as they would in a stationary shop.

For this reason, as an Amazon agency, we take content optimisation a step further. Away from simple and partly not meaningful key points. Towards sales-promoting texts with an emotional appeal. Ultimately we achieve this:

  • Increasing the conversion rate
  • Increase sales
  • Optimization of the Customer Journey
  • Improving the Customer Experience

Optimization of Basic Content

For us as an Amazon agency, 2 areas on the product detail page are of crucial importance. On the one hand the Rich Content and on the other hand the Basic Content. The Basic Content area is divided into different areas to be optimized:
– Product heading
– Product features
– Multimedia Elements
– Product description
– Upsell / Variations creation
When optimizing content, we attach great importance to the creation of the headline, product features and product description. More about Amazon Multimedia.
Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Write for the user

The basis of any textual improvement of your content is the creation of a keyword set matching the respective products. You want to know more about Amazon SEO? Then find out more about our Amazon SEO service here.
Based on this keyword cluster, we can place the most important keywords in the content. As an agency for Amazon marketing, however, our focus is not on the algorithm. We still focus on the user.

Maintaining the Customer Experience

First and foremost, the product texts must convince potential buyers. And not the A9 algorithm of Amazon. That’s why we write emotional and appealing texts for you. Our focus is on a target group-oriented and direct approach.
With us as Amazon agency you receive individual contents instead of 0815 marketing texts. In addition to the basic content, we also create content for the so-called A+ content. Find out more about our A+ Content Service here.