Amazon Agency: Professional Product Listing Made Easy

Would you like to finally sell your products on Amazon? But before you can even get started, the basics have to be laid. This includes a comprehensive and detailed listing of your products on Amazon. This is where we as Amazon Agency come into play.

Filling out the Amazon Listings Sheets can be nerve-wracking. The temptation is huge to omit certain parameters. This can have fatal consequences for you as a merchant. But in the future you won’t have to deal with these partly exotic parameters anymore. Sit back and relax and leave the complete product listing to us as Amazon experts.

  • Verification of all data for product listing
  • Error analysis of prefabricated listing files
  • Final correction of erroneous data
  • Filling the Amazon Listing Sheets
  • Creation of suitable keyword clusters
  • Creation of SEO optimized product features
  • Create SEO optimized product descriptions
  • Writing Amazon SEO optimized product headlines
Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Professional product listing on Amazon

What we as Amazon Agency need from you are the data on your products. We do the rest for you. The listing process starts with the selection of the right product category to download the correct listing sheet. Because a wrongly categorized product can be the beginning of the end. These and similar practical difficulties are already known to us as Amazon Agency.
The main part of product listing begins with the correct listing file. As Amazon Vendor or Seller, you can also send us your completed listing files. As an Amazon agency, we take care of error analysis and final correction of the data for you.

Amazon SEO optimization included

With a listing sheet from Amazon there are 2 different areas: Red are mandatory fields and all fields in blue are optional. However, as Amazon Agency, we are keen to fill in as many fields as possible. Because we think one step further than other agencies. The more information is listed, the more information is ultimately available to customers on the product detail page.

A central point of product listing is the creation of headings, bullet points, product descriptions and search terms. As an Amazon agency, we are already starting with the SEO optimization of your products. This means that we create a corresponding keyword cluster for your products. Read more about this service here.

Based on our keyword research, we create the individual product texts. No copy and paste. Avoidance of duplicate content to prevent punishment by Amazon. Thus your products will be successful in the long run. You can read more about Amazon Content creation here.

Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Upload and Control on Amazon

With the filling and the final upload of the listing sheet on Amazon, our service for you is not over yet. Are the headings entered correctly? Is the price right? Are the dimensions for your product correct? After uploading the files, we carry out a comprehensive check.

Creation of rich content

After receiving the ASINs for your products, we go one step further for you. As an Amazon agency, we create product variations on Amazon, if possible. Furthermore, we create so-called rich content or A+ as well as premium A+ content on request. You can read more about this Amazon service from us here.