Amazon SEO: Increase visibility. Improve ranking.

Not only on Google but also on Amazon there is the possibility to optimize products for the algorithm. The higher and better your products rank, the greater the probability that users will click on your search results. How is this possible? Keyword: Amazon SEO.

Now we come into play as Amazon Marketing Agency. We do not only have the necessary experience but also the corresponding know-how in the field. For numerous customers we already took over the Amazon SEO optimization of products. If you would also like to benefit from a better ranking on Amazon, then you have found the right contact person with us.

  • Analysis of selected products
  • Detailed keyword analysis per product
  • Use of specific Amazon keyword analysis tools
  • Creation of dedicated keyword clusters per product
  • Determination of relevant keywords from Amazon’s and customer’s point of view
  • Keyword implementation in Amazon texts
Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Individual keyword clusters

The basis of every Amazon SEO optimization is the identification of product-specific keywords. In order to create a broad spectrum of keywords, we don’t just examine the customer’s search behaviour for the company’s own products. We also analyze the most relevant competitor products. Furthermore, we include the search behavior from the Google Ranking in the analysis.

But what’s the point if you have a large number of keywords that don’t match your products? Your products climb to the wrong keywords and the bounce rate rises. That’s why we create a dedicated keyword cluster for each product or product group with the appropriate keywords. What do we want to achieve with Amazon SEO Optimization?

  • Improvement of the product ranking on Amazon
  • Maximize Conversion Rate
  • Increase digital visibility
  • Displacement of competitors
  • Improved searchability of products
  • Increase brand awareness

Individual Amazon SEO Texts

The first part of the Amazon SEO Optimization is completed. Now the second part begins: the creation of individual optimized content. Many companies or agencies do not take this step and rely on Copy & Paste. That doesn’t look very professional on the one hand. On the other hand, there is the danger of duplicate content and a punishment of Amazon. Similar to Google.
We as Amazon Agency go the famous step further. For each product we create dedicated texts and implement the most important keywords. Thanks to the use of specific tools we avoid unnecessary keyword stuffing. Because our focus is on the reader and not on the Amazon A9 algorithm.
Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Optimally coordinated with your target group

Amazon Keywords are already entered in our listing sheets. More about the Amazon product listing service here. We also add the most important and relevant keywords to the headlines, bullet points, product description and A+ content. You can find out more about A+ content here.

The consumer always in focus

So your content doesn’t just contain the most important and relevant keywords. The texts are both coordinated with the target group and adapted to the functioning of the Amazon algorithm. After all, your potential customers should enjoy reading the product texts.