Amazon Market Services

In product searches Amazon has overtaken Google as a search engine and turned into a strategically important sales and marketing channel. The online POS issue is becoming increasingly important for retailers and manufacturers. Good reason enough to be presented effectively as a brand on Amazon. With our expertise with Amazon Market Service (AMS) we can support you specifically.

For the best possible Amazon optimisation we develop tailored campaigns for your brand. In addition to a detailed target group and competitor analysis, we create a comprehensive and detailed keyword concept. We create it based on the deliberate search behaviour of customers on Amazon.

With AMS you have three different ad formats available – headline search ads, sponsored products and product display ads. The headline search ad appears above the search result pages. The sponsored products are presented in or below the results pages.

With both ad formats and AMS you can directly increase your products’ presence and sales. The result is not only an increase in sales but also a sustained increase in your brand awareness as well as top ranking placement for your products.

With product display ads there is the option of directing traffic to a detailed page for your products. You can also use this ad format for upselling activities. This promotional opportunity is suitable for addressing customers who have specific interests or are looking for particular products.

Our AMS Service also includes extensive monitoring and reporting. With JET Services we increase not only the value of your brand but also your sales.