Site search optimization

In product searches Amazon has recently overtaken Google’s search engine. In Germany around 250 million products are listed. As with Google, the search function at Amazon can also be influenced. With our expert assistance, we place your products at the top of the search results.

We develop strategies for our clients to gain rankings and ensure your competitors are squeezed out at the same time. Our concepts are based on the search and purchasing behaviour of users in e-commerce. In consultation with you, we create a customised SEO concept. As such, we cover the entire process from analysis to keyword research, execution, reporting and supervision. At JET Services you’ll benefit from our complete carefree package.

Our aim is that the right SEO strategy won’t only increase your visibility in Amazon rankings. You will generate more visits to your product pages, achieve higher click rates and conversions. With our measures you will increase your traffic effectively as well as your sales.

We conduct site search optimisation for you not only on Amazon but also on other e-commerce platforms. Call us to find out more.