Make It Wonderful

The Franke portal

Make It Wonderful is what our client Franke believes in. And we apply this motto not only to products. “Wonderful” should also be the arguments that we put forward in a sales pitch to persuade customers to buy a product. This includes comprehensive information, training and incentives, which encourage and motivate Franke partners and assist them with sales.

This is why JET Services has developed its portal in close cooperation with Franke. The training portal is a supportive measure for face-to-face training. The platform includes an extensive range of interactive and multimedia product information for users.

This information is linked to training sessions that run via a personal account within an innovative learning environment. Our aim is to deepen knowledge of the Franke product portfolio. All online training is of course intensified based on automatic evaluation.

In recent years, the number of users has grown continuously. At present, more than 1,580 of them from 16 countries actively participate in the training platform. Over 3,200 landing pages in 10 different languages are available.

Training portal for individual customer requirements

With our training portal every sales team can be informed not only online but also trained and motivated likewise. If you’re interested, our service portfolio includes not only the technical implementation but also the creation of an appealing design. Thanks to our 360-Degree service, you get everything from a single source.

Talk to us and your training portal will be online very soon in one or several languages. The benefits are obvious – extensive learning techniques and methods are always up-to-date and centrally administered, plus our uniformly trained brand representatives provide an automated check of learning outcomes.

The three most important figures

  • 10 languages

  • Over 3,200 pages of content

  • 1.585 registered users