Be creative, be inspired!

With the P10, Huawei has launched a smartphone in a class of its own. The camera features and the resulting quality of images and videos will satisfy even the fussiest users. Equipped with the technology of Germany’s premium camera producer Leica, with this smartphone you’ll certainly achieve high-quality photo results.

Parallel to the product launch, our Huawei merchandisers and trainers also had to familiarise themselves with the P10’s extensive features. Instead of intensive training programmes, JET Services took a new approach – via Facebook. In the world’s largest social network, all the participants were able to get involved with this new product in great detail within their own community.

Altogether, more than 200 merchandisers and trainers from ten different countries took part in this Facebook campaign. The focus was not only on technical issues but also on friendly exchange between individuals. JET Services hosted the community for almost two months. Week after week we provided the participants with exciting challenges and online training.

The results speak for themselves with highly motivated and technically proficient Huawei product and brand representatives. At the end of the social media campaign, the Super 10 Challenge offered them the chance of winning a trip to China. The trip and events were organised by JET Services from start to finsh.

In China we visited the mega-city of Hong Kong. We also went to Huawei’s headquarters in Shenzhen and enjoyed the exciting nightlife of this metropolis.

The three most important figures

  • 210 participants

  • Over 800 postings in 16 weeks

  • 10 winners of an incentive trip in a class of its own