Online live consulting
with JET Services

The new kind of PoS promotion – digital yet personal

Unusual times call for new solutions. That’s why JET Services (in addition to classic on-site promotion at the point of sale) also offers personal customer advice live on the smartphone screen.

If a customer is interested in a particular product at the point of sale, he can immediately set up a video call by scanning a QR code, which is placed next to the product or on the product packaging as an information display, for example, and then receive answers to his questions live on screen from our promoters. Of course, the connection to the consulting studio can also be established via call-to-action banners on online store pages.

JET Services provides the entire technical infrastructure here. In our video center, our sales professionals are available to customers during normal store hours (and optionally longer) – optimally trained and with quick access to a wide variety of product information that can be superimposed during the consultation. By using a second hand-held camera, specific areas of a product can also be shown and detailed questions can be clarified even better.

You will be amazed at how well this type of sales promotion works.

We at JET Services see this as a contemporary alternative but also an addition (at peak times) to conventional on-site consulting. As soon as a customer chooses the video transmission, the customer directs his focus completely on the conversation and as a result our top trained promoters can communicate the highlights and advantages of the product in a targeted manner and provide essential support in the purchase decision or offer truly professional support even after the product has been purchased.

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Project details for Jabra video consulting:

  • Action period: 12.11.2020 – 13.02.2021

  • Consultation hours: Mon.-Sat. 10:00-21:00 hrs.

  • QR codes at the POS in the entire MSD, as well as Expert and Euronics stores

  • Links to the online advisor with online banner on the websites of Expert, Euronics and the Jabra homepage