SanDisk and WD

Hold on to life’s digital moments

Whether on holiday or in our daily routine – storing countless photos is something we take for granted. But ever-higher resolution image data mean storage capacity reaches its limits sooner. Even more dramatic these days is losing your smartphone without backing up your data.

With the memory expansion and backup solutions of our client SanDisk and WD you can avoid these problems easily. Since July 2017 selected products have been available at five pilot stores of the well-known Müller drugstore chain.

The entire SanDisk and Western Digital product range is presented in a clean and tidy manner. “Store the digital moments in life securely – so in years to come they’ll still look just like now”. This is the emotional and clear message being aimed directly at customers.

Our service includes not only 3D rendering and the exact measurement of all the display elements. Thanks to our 360-Degree service, we organise and manage everything from production to delivery of the merchandise to each of the stores.

SanDisk and WD are two fantastic brands, whose products stand for high quality and are now available in Müller drugstores. Why not see the results for yourself.


  • +7 products in various capacities on a smart 125 cm branded shelf

  • 5 pilot stores