Project Description

Western Digital

How we present your products proficiently

Products are usually placed in grey standard shelves. They do not exert a very inviting effect on customers. This is exactly where we come in as a merchandising agency. For our client, Western Digital Corporation, we spruce up the shelves and thus increase the visibility of their products. How do we do it?

By producing individual components such as shelf covers or mini-displays. Of course, we always do so while taking account of WD’s corporate design and in close consultation with our client. As such, we present a complete product portfolio to customers in a clear and informative manner.

Our in-house marketing department manages the design of our components. Project management supervises the production of the shelving elements and organises the logistics process.

Our JET merchandisers finally install the shelves in MSD stores throughout Germany. They also pay regular visits to stores to ensure goods are well organised, arranged and available.

This is a project in which our 360-Degree service pays off once again. Because it is where several of our marketing services come together neatly: JET Marketing, JET Logistics and JET Merchandising.

Do you also want to be perceived better at point-of-sale and are you looking for an experienced, professional shelf service for your products? Why not call us. JET Services is available to you as a full-service agency for everything that matters at point-of-sale. We can present your brand and products proficiently and increase your sales.


  • Over 70 shelf systems constructed

  • More than 330 metres of shelving in total

  • Five JET merchandisers employed throughout Germany