Amazon Agency: Optimization of images and videos

Success on Amazon does not only depend on optimized texts with relevant keywords. Another performance indicator is multimedia content such as images and product videos. As an Amazon agency, we support you in image selection and optimization of your product images.

Any dealer who wants to increase interest in his products has to think around the corner. Or contact us as Amazon Agency. Thinking around the corner means optimising product images. We are moving away from standardised images towards images with real added value for consumers. We transform your product images into real sales arguments:

  • Preparation of high-quality lifestyle images
  • Creation of Hero product images
  • Generating images with logos and icons
  • Creation of product images with KSPs
  • Implementation of product videos according to Amazon guidelines
  • Close cooperation in order to comply with the corporate identity
  • Creating a unique customer experience
Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

Promotion Agentur JET Services Festanstellung

HP Envy Notebook Annotated Image

Long-term success with Annotated Images

Access to Amazon product detail pages is increasingly via mobile devices and the corresponding apps. We have also adapted the optimization of the product images according to the search behavior. What do potential customers expect when viewing images on their smartphone or tablet? Images with real added value. As an Amazon agency, we don’t just cover the search behaviour optimally:

  • Increase of the click rate in search results
  • Visual differentiation from the competition
  • Increase of the page dwell time on product detail pages
  • Increase traffic to product detail pages

Videos transport emotions

But it is not just optimized product images that ensure long-term and sustainable success on Amazon. As on other platforms, videos also have a particularly strong power of persuasion. On Amazon, moving images convey emotions and information in an efficient way. However, specific guidelines must be adhered to when uploading.

As an Amazon marketing agency, we are very familiar with these rules thanks to our many years of expertise and experience. We take over the necessary revision, optimization and, of course, the upload of your videos. In addition, we advise you on the relevant Amazon Video KPIs such as video length or questions about content.

TCL Annotated Image

Amazon Multimedia – Our customer projects


Creation of Annotated Images for TCL and Thomson

As the saying goes: A picture paints a thousand words - a thought we put into practice for our customers TCL and Thomson when optimizing product pictures on Amazon.

HP Annotated Images with real added value

Part of the numerous Amazon relevance factors are images. Many manufacturers and agencies are satisfied with the inclusion of product images. But we as an Amazon agency go one step further.