Amazon SEO: The most important Amazon performance factors at a glance

Amazon SEO Performance Faktoren

In Amazon SEO, both relevance and performance factors play a decisive role. After having written in detail about the relevance factors, we now take a look at the Amazon SEO performance factors.

The first question is what are performance factors anyway? These include areas that influence product conversion and sales. Thus, these Amazon SEO factors are also interesting for the ranking, because Amazon earns commission based on the amount of products sold. In other words, the better a product sells, the more interesting it is for Amazon.

1. Prize
One of the KO criteria par excellence is price. As in stationary retail, this aspect is also an important factor in digital retail. It is crucial for sellers that the price of their products is not significantly higher than that of their competitors. Because unlike stationary retail, the cheaper product can be found more quickly on Amazon.

2. Amazon Prime Logo
A meanwhile important performance factor is the Amazon Prime logo next to the price. Why? Because it pushes up the conversion. The logo is an indicator that this product is available faster and without shipping costs.

3. Shipping cost & availability
Hard to believe but these two Amazon performance factors also influence the ranking. Even without a prime membership, products are available without shipping costs. According to a study, this leads to a noticeable increase in sales and long-term customer loyalty. The same applies to availability: fast delivery times and good availability are positive for the ranking.

Amazon SEO Performance Faktoren

4. Sales rank
The sales rank is one of the most important Amazon SEO performance factors. If a product generates a lot of products in a certain category, then there is the possibility of being listed as a bestseller. This is highlighted graphically by the bestseller icon. Thus, this icon is also a seal of trust. Because other Amazon users like to buy products that have already been purchased.

5. Product evaluations
The product ratings are included in the ranking as external recommendations. The mix of the number of ratings, the average of the overall ratings and the actuality are ultimately decisive. The ratings have indirect effects on the conversion and click-through rate.

6. Retailer ratings
Similar to Ebay, buyers can also rate the seller. However, only if you have actually bought a product. The criteria to be evaluated are communication with the retailer, behaviour when returning goods and delivery time of the goods.

7. Feedback process & return rate
Finally, two Amazon performance factors that do not seem very important at first glance. But the opposite is the case. As with Facebook, the response time of sellers to inquiries is a co-decisive factor for Amazon. Because if you answer your users as quickly and satisfactorily as possible, you increase your chances of a better ranking. The same applies to a low return rate. If a product is returned, Amazon receives no commission and must refund the purchase price. On the other hand, a low return rate means that the buyer is satisfied with both the product and the retailer.