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Amazon SEO: The most important Amazon relevance factors at a glance

Amazon SEO Performance Faktoren

Decisive for a successful Amazon SEO are the so-called relevance and performance factors. The difference between the two is that the relevance factors can be directly influenced and offer a broad optimization potential. You should keep an eye on these 7 Amazon SEO relevance factors:

1. Product category
The product category is an important building block for success on Amazon. By selecting the right niche or subcategory, you can gain a competitive advantage. You should pay attention to this:

  • Subcategory must fit the product thematically
  • The fewer products in the category, the better
  • Few products from well-known brands
  • Products with low ratings

2. Amazon Keyword Analysis
What applies to Google also applies to Amazon. Without a product-specific and detailed keyword analysis, further action makes no sense. Because only if you understand the search intentions of your potential buyers, the best possible Amazon SEO optimization of your products is possible.

3. Product title
The product title is one of the most important relevance factors in Amazon SEO. Thanks to the extensive keyword analysis, you can now insert the appropriate keywords into the product title.
But beware: the title must not be too long. Otherwise you will achieve exactly the opposite. A bad CTR and a negative rating by the Amazon algorithm. Because the goal of every product title is to optimally pick up the user and achieve the highest possible Click-Through-Rate.

Amazon SEO Performance Faktoren

4. Brand
The brand name is hidden under the title. Many users often search for the brand in combination with the product. Therefore always indicate the brand.

5. Bullet Points
The bullet points also have two functions. Firstly, relevant keywords can be placed to feed the algorithm. Welcome to Amazon SEO. On the other hand they are sales arguments for potential buyers. Therefore some points have to be considered during the optimization:

  • Do not place keywords randomly
  • Convince searchers of the product
  • Delivering sales arguments
  • List important product highlights

The goal is to convince the seeker and keep the bounce rate as low as possible.

6. Product pictures
The first impression counts. Product images are an important sales argument for Amazon SEO. The searcher wants to have a concrete picture of the product immediately and easily. To make this possible, here are our Amazon SEO tips:

  • Only use high-resolution images
  • Display an Image from different perspectives
  • Show several pictures
  • Provide the Zoom Function

7. Product description
The product description is also a relevant point for Amazon SEO. However, this factor does not always receive the attention it actually needs.
The description serves mainly to further convince the customer of the product. The focus is on additional positive sales arguments and emotionality. Nevertheless, the most important keywords should be placed again in order to pick up a piece of the Amazon algorithm.